Soy Garlic Wings from Bon Chon Ellicott

Soy Garlic Wings $27 @ BonChon Ellicott City

We died and went to wings heaven, about 30 times. WOW mind blowing taste bud explosions of foodie orgasm. That about the only way to describe how amazing these wings were. Cook to perfection with slight crispy crunch on the outside with great soy sauce, this was unlike anything I’ve tasted before. I think this is my new favorite wings place. With only two sauce choices we went half and half, Soy Sauce and Hot Sauce. Got to be careful with hot sauce, its a silent killer. After a few hot wings I realized that my mouth was on fire. It was good kind of spicy, but I prefer the Garlic Soy Sauce that added light sweetness to wings. You must stop by this place. Rockville Town Square location opening soon!