Spicy Salmon Roll from Oh Fish

Spicy Salmon Roll $9 @ Oh Fish (CLOSED)

Lets roll on a go. Brand new sushi adventure brought to you by Kaz’s Sushi Bistro. Their take on fast food sushi experience. Its a build your own sushi roll kind of place. Always fun to add a little bit of everything I like. Their selection was much bigger and quality was much better then I expected. You get easy to fallow order builder paper with lots of different choices. You get to choose roll size, fish, 3 veggies, sauce, topping, and extra flavor for +$1. Of course you can double anything and everything for extra fee. They don’t scarifies quality and taste for the speed. The rice was very soft, fish tasted nice and fatty. Great sushi order that left me very happy! Plus, I had Crunchy Rice Balls on my sushi!!!! How often can you say that?


disclaimer: featured dish in this review was provided by Oh Fish Restaurant