Steak from Russia House

Steak $30 @ Russia House

Mama we going home! As soon as they brought it out I wanted to ask where is the rest of my steak. Everything else seems so much bigger. It was pretty juicy and soft with a nice sauce. Flavor wise it just taste like something was missing. Especially when I’m paying $30 bucks for it. It was missing that fancy place taste to it. Still, can’t get over the portion size and left me hungry. Overall I was disappointed with their menu selection. I was hoping for a lot more dishes I haven’t had since moving to DC area from Eastern Europe. We had a $40 off Groupon so it didn’t feel as bad. If you want good steak then go to chris ruth and pay same amount for something much better. Don’t recommend this place and the crazy money it cost, just go to Russian store and buy same stuff.