Brunch Country Bread French Toast 12 @ Urban Butcher Silver Spring

Sunday Brunch Country Bread French Toast $12 @ Urban Butcher in Down Town Silver Spring, Maryland

Larger than life Sunday brunch french toast from a meat specialty restaurant in Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s sprawling city like a suburb. Its a french dish with the best of American style food, more significant then life portion, but we won’t complain. They don’t just know how to prepare the delights of the animal kingdom correctly, but also know how to captivate your taste buds for sweetness. Forget those wimpy french toast you used to identify, check out this giant full on bread french toast. One slice is the size of my giant head! Big and thick, this made for an excellent Sunday brunch dish. It’s pretty heavy and dense that just one slice can fill you up. Even though they are so thick and dense, they tasted very light and still had that softness of French Toast. It was topped with some lightly braised apple on top for that extra flavor. Just love the sweet maple syrup with goat’s milk gelato. The bread just sucked up all that syrup so next time ask for extra. So refreshing and yet so filly, made us fat happy. Defiantly one of the must-try dishes for Sunday brunch.