Get eggstatic with a special Sunday Brunch bacon omelet from the masters of all meaty things in Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s unique city like a suburb. Omelets hold a dear place in our hearts and tummies, one of our most favorite breakfast dishes. So we can be pretty picky. It’s a pretty simple dish really with bacon, chopped tomatoes, and cheddar. It’s prepared so well that it was pure joy to nom on it. So soft and fluffy, it’s just the right way to enjoy your Sunday Brunch. There is so much cheese in there that it could be enough for two omelets, but you know what. We are not complaining! More is the only thing that is better than just cheese. Of course, they are masters of all meat things and have excellent bacon. Not to forget well-seasoned home fries, so simple and yet so much deliciousness. Overall not a complicated dish, but executed so well it is perfection.


Sunday Brunch House Bacon Omelet $12 @ Urban Butcher Silver Spring
4.4NOM Score

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