Slap me with some fatty fish, just like in Sushi Sashimi Bowl from Cho Oishi, a Japanese sushi restaurant in the heart of Hollywood Los Angeles. Such a beautiful bowl of sashimi we can’t wait to dig in. So many different things in there like fatty tuna, salmon, octopus, shrimp and so much more. Great representation of all the various seafoods they have to offer. Of course, Fatty Tuna and Salmon were our favorite. Just something about those makes us so happy. Must be all that omega! Something about that rice was so different and tasted so good. It’s like they added an extra dose of crack into it. None of us could stop eating it and even asked for more. For so much money kind of wish, they gave you more sashimi.


Sushi Sashimi Bowl $30 @ Cho Oishi Los Angeles California
3.6NOM Score

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