Taco Combo #3 from Taqueria Distrito Federal

Taco Combo No3 @ Taqueria Distrito Federal (CLOSED)

All your meats belong to us. Oh yea I’m excited to finally try a new taco place right near our NOMNATION HQ. Give me lots of meat choices and I will love you, there are 11 different meat combination choices here. They even have beef tung (Lengua)! I thought they were a bit small at first, but don’t let size full you, they will fill you up. Combo also comes with a nice little dessert. All their sodas are imported from Mexico with real cane sugar. Love all the different preparation variations for beef and pork. You can’t go wrong with any meat choices, I order Al Pastor, Chorizo, Costilla Puerco, Carne Asada and Lengua. Wish they labeled my tacos so I know what I was trying since I can’t tell wich is wich haha. I just know my tummy was very happy and I will be back to try more taconomness.