Wok Fried Home Fries Tapas $4 @ MASA 14 on U St in DC

Wok Fried Home Fries Tapas $4 @ MASA 14 on U Street in Washington DC

Explore unlimited Asian Latin fusion brunch with an order of Wok Home Fries Tapas from Masa 14 on U St in DC. Can never go wrong with an order of potatoes, onion, and papers. They didn't taste like home fries we used to. Something was missing; they were way t...
Cinnamon Rolls from Farmers Fishers Bakers

Cinnamon Roll @ Farmers Fishers Bakers Georgetown

Holy gods of honey this is the most amazing cinnamon rolls in the world from one of the best restaurants in Georgetown, DC fashion neighborhood. Not sure what just happened, but I think my mouth went to heaven during all you can eat brunch buffet. This cinnamo...