Upside Down Banana Pie from KitchenCray

Upside Down Banana Cake @ KitchenCray a Food Experience in DC

Do I eat it upside down? Holy sweetness one bite, and you will be all upside down deliciousness. It was just a banana flavor explosion with every bit, making my taste buds dance. The caramelized sugar added a nice extra sweetness kick. Hands down, or hands ups...
BBQ Salmon KitchenCray

BBQ Salmon @ KitchenCray a Food Experience in DC

I went fishing and caught some cray. Kitchen cray ones again deliver something very cray. It's their take on how fish should be prepared and its with BBQ sauce. That's an exciting pairing usually don't find everywhere. Had my doubts this will work, but they pr...
Winter Green Salad from KitchenCray

Winter Green Salad @ KitchenCray a Custom Food Experience in DC

Jump into the green. Its a mix salad goodness with sweet dressing and berries. Good way to start your noming adventure before main course. Dressing was very light and not over done so you can still taste the salad flavor with nice sweet hint from the dressing....
Pan Seared Chicken from KitchenCray

Pan Seared Chicken @ KitchenCray a Custom Food Experience in DC

What came first, chicken or egg? Pan-seared chicken with roasted potatoes, wilted spinach and sunny side up egg. The chicken was very soft and well seasoned, but slightly too salty. Combine it with vegetables, bright side up egg, and it's a great flavor combin...