Chicken Crisp $12 @ Rangoon Ruby San Francisco

Chicken Crisp $12 @ Rangoon Ruby in San Francisco California

Chicken good, good Burmese chicken, is even better, especially in all that chili sauce from a Burmese restaurant in San Carlos, a San Francisco foodie suburb. Chicken is a great meat, and they made it even better. Crispy chicken deep fried and tossed with garl...
Zero Zero Fried Chicken $14 @ Zero Zero San Francisco

Its Fried Chicken Explosion @ Zero Zero in San Francisco

Dam chicken you so beautiful and crunchy, I want to eat you my dear Zero Zero Fried Chicken from Zero Zero a fun bar restaurant in SoMA a San Francisco neighborhood. With the first bite, you hear the crunchy crunch! Just love all that crunch that pretty much t...
House Special Noodles @ Mingalaba San Francisco

House Special Noodles @ Mingalaba San Francisco

Exceptional food makes you feel unique on the inside, especially when you eat some special house noodles for dinner from a Burmese restaurant in Burlingame, a San Francisco suburb. Use the fork! You got to use that giant fork and spoon to mix all the ingredien...
Chicken Adobo @ Patio Filipino San Francisco

Chicken Adobo $14 @ Patio Filipino San Francisco

The world should be covered in adobo, especially with this Chicken Adobo dish from one of the best Filipino restaurants in San Bruno, a San Francisco suburb. You can't just go to a Filipino restaurant and not order an Adobo dish. Some call this an official nat...
BLT Grilled Chicken Burrito @ Well Dressed Burrito

Unleash the Ulimate Lunch Burrito @ Well Dressed Burrito in DuPont

It's lunchtime with BLT Grilled Chicken Burrito at a popular and hidden burrito place in DuPont Circle, DC neighborhood. When I say dark, I mean you might have to look for a bit to find it. It's hard to find this small door located on the side of a building in...
Chef's Selected Trio @ Ruth's Chris Bethesda

Chef’s Selected Trio @ Ruth’s Chris Bethesda

Exploring all meat dinner options at one of the best steakhouses in Bethesda, DC suburb neighborhood. Continuing our pre steak noming with succulent shrimp, jumbo scallop, and stuffed chicken. It might be getting a bit hard to save up space before the steak. T...
Lamb & Chicken Kabob Combo @ Charcoal Kabob

Lamb & Chicken Kabob Combo $13 @ Charcoal Kabob

Lamb and chicken walked into a bar, and I ate them! Get ready for some meaty kabobs for lunch in Herndon Virginia, DC area. Your lunch combo order comes with a side of salad, vegetable curry and basmati rice (long grain rice from South Asia). Lovemaking a litt...
Tendie Lunchbox from GBD

Tendie Lunchbox $ 8 @ GBD

Mom packed my lunchbox full of chicken like a Lunch Box in Dupont, DC. So hot lunch full of chicken and other goodies, can't say no to that. Comes with three medium-size thick pieces of lightly crispy chicken tenders. Didn't really feel like eating with my ha...
Chicken Liver Pate from 8407 Kitchen Bar

Chicken Liver Pate $7 @ 8407 Kitchen Bar

Late night drinks and pate spreads in one of the best restaurants in Downtown Silver Spring, DC foodie suburbs. This was probably one of the best pates we've ever tasted. So soft and light with fantastic flavor. Silence will fall on your table because you will...
Malaysia Fried Rice from Malaysia Kopitiam? Dupont Circle DC

Malaysia Fried Rice @ Malaysia Kopitiam

You can fry me any time when it comes to this fantastic fried rice at a tasty Malaysian restaurant in DC. That is a pile of rice and a whole lot of other things. Lots are packed into this bowl. With the first bite, we just fell in love with this fried rice. Th...
Piri Piri Chicken from Piratz Tavern

Piri Piri Chicken $5 @ Piratz Tavern (CLOSED)

Arrrggggg chicken matey! Didn't know this tavern near Down Town Silver Spring has food and not just drinks. Little dish with a nice kick to it. There is a whole lot of spicy sauce, you can smell it a mile away. Not sure if that's a good thing. Kind of tasted l...
Pad See Ew Noodles @ Thai Pavilion

Pad See Ew Noodles @ Thai Pavilion

It is exploring rice noodles dishes in Rockville Town Square, DC suburb. We love wide rice noodles, and somehow they taste so much better than anything else. The recipe is so pretty, almost feel bad eating, but when you hungry, nothing will stop you. First, bi...