Samosas $10 @ Rangoon Ruby San Francisco

Samosas $10 @ Rangoon Ruby San Francisco

I am diving into Burmese deep-fried vegetarian appetizers with some Samosas for lunch from a Burmese restaurant in San Carlos, a San Francisco foodie suburb. Its four big deep-fried rice turnovers filled with a whole lot of vegetables like potatoes, red onions...
Puppies Appetizer @ Quench?

Tastiest Balls of Joy, Puppies Appetizer @ Quench? Rockville (CLOSED)

If you don't order it, you are doing it wrong. Noming on some amazing deep-fried appetizer as a started for lunch at one of our favorite places in Rockville, DC suburb. It could have been because of hunger, but this tasted merely AMAZING. Could be one of the b...