Ramen @ Haikan in Shaw, DC

The Go-to Ramen Place in Shaw is Haikan

Ramen is one of our favorite nomnoms and we are excited to introduce you to the tasty world of Haikan, in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington D.C. The drinks are on U and ramen is on V! This delicious place is tucked away between U St. and V St. in Shaw. E...
The Spot Asian Food Hall in Rockville Town Center

The Spot: A New Asian Food Hall and Everything We Ate (UPDATED)

Last Updated on September 9, 2018, with more tasty food Say hello to The Spot, a brand new Asian Food Hall in Rockville Town Square, that might become your favorite new spot for hungry adventurers. Think of it as a mall food hall except elevated with p...
Thai Ice Cream from Class 520

Stir Fry Ice Cream at Class 520 Will Blow Your Sweet Tooth (UPDATED)

Last updated on November 29,2017, with more tasty food We are about to blow all over your sweet tooth mouth with amazing Thai Stir-Fried Ice Cream Rolls from local Class 520 in Rockville, a suburb of Washington D.C. What is stir-fried ice cream, you ask?...
Not Your Average Joe's in Down Town Silver Spring

Sneak Preview of Not Your Average Joe’s New Location (UPDATED)

Updated: Due to change in the quality of service and food we have updated the review to reflect the accurate review of the restaurant. Jump to updated section We are very excited to welcome a brand new Not Your Average Joe's location opening right in the ...
Rasmalai Dessert Indian Cheesecake @ Le Jardin Oberoi Hotel Bangalore India

Discover the amazing beauty of Indian Cheesecake from Oberoi

The Ras Malai was also known as Indian Cheesecake was by far one of our most favorite dishes from the trip to Bangalore India. Oberoi Hotel with its amazing restaurants introduced us to some of the best food. Le Jardin introduced us to some great new dishes an...
Brownie Cake from Le Jordin Oberoi Hotel in Bangalore India

Every meal should just be a Brownie Cake in India

Forgot those boring desserts you are used to going for Brownie Cake from Le Jardin, Oberoi Hotel in Bangalore India. Usually we would leave best for last, but it was so good that it must be shared early on. This is by far the best brownie we have ever tasted, ...
Baklava from Big Greek Cafe at Taste of Fenton

Its like kissing a greek god, Baklava Dessert @ Big Greek Cafe

It's like kissing a Greek god when you are eating Baklava a dessert from Big Greek cafe, our favorite gyro place in Down Town Silver Spring. Who said you can’t eat dessert first? Especially when it's a honey nut goodness like this. This would make any fan of o...
Balsamic Vanilla Sorbet @ Dino’s Grotto on U Street in DC

Balsamic Vanilla Sorbet @ Dino’s Grotto on U Street in DC

Get ready to be hugged and kicked in the flavor with Balsamic Vanilla Sorbet dessert from one of our favorite Italian restaurants, Dino’s Grotto on U Street/Shaw in Washington DC. What a crazy thing to add Balsamic into ice cream, the two things we wouldn’t ev...
Peanut Butter Chocolate Parfait @ Cakes to Die For in Frederick Maryland

Peanut Butter Chocolate Parfait @ Cakes to Die For in Frederick Maryland

A cup of joy to die from like a Peanut Butter Chocolate Parfait from a fun Cakes to Die For shop on main street Frederick in Maryland. It's a bit of a drive from the city, but this town is worth the travel with some great foodie places. We already had one dess...
Almond Chocolate Cake @ McGinty's in Down Town Silver Spring, Maryland

Fancy Cakes Irish Pub @ McGinty’s in Down Town Silver Spring

Treat yourself to an unlikely surprise of Almond Chocolate Cake from McGinty's an Irish pub with amazing food in Down Town Silver Spring on Red Line. Every time we come here either for dinner or brunch we are reminded it's not just a local bar, but also a rest...
French Toast $6 @ Cava Mezze in Capitol Hill DC

Challah French Toast @ Cava Mezza in Capitol Hill DC

Go challah challah for unlimited brunch with French Toast from Cava Mezze a Greek American tapas restaurant on Capitol Hill near Eastern Market DC. It's not dessert time, but when it comes to French Toast you can have it any time. We going French the Greek sty...
Pecan Pie $6 @ Busboys and Poets in Takoma DC

Pecan Pie @ Busboys and Poets in Takoma DC

Celebrate the winter holidays this year with a nice slice of thick Pecan Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream from Busboys and Poets' new location in Takoma DC. We are not big fans of cold weather, but we are very big fans of pecan pie season. Its one of our most favori...