Guide to Best Bacon of Them All from Around Washington DC Metro Area

Guide to Best Bacon of Them All from Around DC Metro Area

Happy International Bacon Day! One of the most critical foodie days in the year we are Celebrating with a guide of our best bacon dishes in DC metro area. On this day, we gather together with family to share the love and taste of everything that can have bacon...
California Club Sandwich @ Lori's Diner San Francisco

California Club Sandwich @ Lori’s Diner San Francisco

Even diner food has avocados in California, so why not put it in your triple meat sandwich at this old school diner on Union Square in San Francisco. This sandwich has everything we love and weird going for it. The tone of different kinds of meats, check. Stra...
Philly Steak Omelete @ Silver Diner Rockville

Philly Steak Omelete $13 @ Silver Diner Rockville

Breakfast is always great for dinner at this premier diner chain in Rockville, DC, suburb neighborhood. Its a fun omelete with a unique upscale healthy kind of touch to it. Say hello to one of our favorite omelet in the area. We love omelets, and it's one of o...
Chocolate Bacon Milkshake from Papermoon Diner

Chocolate Bacon Milkshake $6 @ Papermoon Diner in Baltimore

My milkshake brings all bacon yard with this Chocolate Bacon Milkshake from our favorite artsy Papermoon Diner in Baltimore, the city not too far from DC. Bacon Milkshake? Yea, why I haven't gotten refills of it already! I have to order anything and everything...