Thai Ice Tea from Sang on Wheels

Thai Ice Tea $3 @ Sang On Wheels Truck

Let's drink some sweetness. Mhhh, this was an excellent Thai ice tea. It had a beautiful light sweet and spices. Always great to have a drink with a nice kick to it. The great drink we got to enjoy during Trucko De Mayo / Facebook / Tw...
Butifarra Burger from Pepes

Butifarra Burger $10 @ Pepe Food Truck

Burger on wheels comes to you with this very long Spanish pork Butifarra Burger from a Pepe Food Truck at DC Truck De Mayo. This is probably the weirdness shaped burger I've ever seen, but don't judge it by its shape and instead by the nomnom flavors. It is ea...
Hula Girl Sampler Plate from Hula Girl Truck

Hula Girl Hawaiian Sampler Plate $12 @ Hula Girl Truck

Lets dance with nomnom. WOW this was probably the best thing from the Trucko De Mayo festival. The dish is simply beautiful, whole presentation just makes you want to jump in and eat whole thing. This sampler plate is a best way to try all their meaty goodness...
Chocolate Orange Cream from Pleasant Pops

Chocolate Orange Cream @ Pleasant Pops Truck

Its pops time. Mhhh I like the light taste sweet taste of this orange pop. It was so tasty that I think I ate it too fast and got brain freeze hehe. Great dessert we enjoyed during Trucko De Mayo. / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Yelp...
Caramel Popcorn from Stella's Popkern

Caramel Popcorn @ Stella’s Popkern Truck

You know how to pop it. Beware this is very addicting popcorn! Nomster loved it so much that he just dived in there and named it all. Great way to end our noming adventure at Truck De Mayo. / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Yelp St...
Cheezits Mac n Cheese $6 @ CapMac Food Truck

Cheezits Mac n Cheese $6 @ CapMac Food Truck

Cheezits invasion of food trucks with Cheezits Mac n Cheese from the amazing CapMac Food Truck, DC's food on wheels. Talk about cheesy!!! Extra cheese with a surprise of Cheez-it mixed right in it, on it and all around it. Now that is one way to win my Mac n C...
Maine Lobster Roll from Red Hook Lobster Truck

Friday Food Truck Fun Day at Truckeroo

Tacos @ TaKorean Truck Taco time!!! It better be taco time after an hour of standing in line to order. You get to choose between three different proteans and knowing us, we just went with all three Steak Taco, Tangy Chicken and Caramelized Tofu. They are know...