Kalbi Wrap @ AZN Eats Truck at Taste of DC

Unleash the taste of the city, Our Favorite NOMs from Taste of DC 2014

Kalbi Wrap @ AZN Eats Truck Wrap me in lettuce, its all about the food trucks this year! First thing, its a lettuce wrap? I am intrigued by this and just have to try it. Lettuce is not just there so we can say is healthier, no it truly adds a unique flavor. E...
Tripletas Sandwich from Borinquen Lunch Box

Friday is a New Sandwich Food Truck Fun Day at Truckeroo

Crabwich @ Feelin Crabby Truck Do you feel crabby? You just might with one of the best crab sandwiches in town. Its a giant crab cake seasoned to perfection with excellent dipping sauce on top of soft lightly flavored buns. Pretty simple, with not too much go...
Caramel Popcorn from Stella's Popkern

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with Food Trucks at Trucko De Mayo 2012

Thai Ice Tea @ Sang On Wheels Truck Lets drink some sweetness. Mhhh this was an excellent thai ice tea. It had a nice light sweet and spices. Always great to have a drink with a nice kick to it. Great drink we got to enjoy during Trucko De Mayo. www.sangon...