French Toast $6 @ Cava Mezze in Capitol Hill DC

Challah French Toast @ Cava Mezza in Capitol Hill DC

Go challah challah for unlimited brunch with French Toast from Cava Mezze a Greek American tapas restaurant on Capitol Hill near Eastern Market DC. It's not dessert time, but when it comes to French Toast you can have it any time. We going French the Greek sty...
Bananas Foster French Toast $10 @ Khyber Pass Pub in Philadelphia

Bananas Foster French Toast $10 @ Khyber Pass Pub in Philadelphia

Unlike any breakfast out there are Bananas Foster French Toast from Khyber Pass Pub one of the oldest bars with French cuisine in Old Town Philadelphia. It was more like eating large slices of very soft Baguette Bread then the thin square slices we are so used...
French Toast Brunch @ Mrs. K's

French Toast Brunch @ Mrs. K’s

Can't stuff your mouth fast enough with these french toast at one of the best Sunday all you can eat brunches in Silver Spring, DC suburb. So many things to try at all you can eat brunch for $30. Always an excellent way to start the day with some fluffy sweet ...
Monte Cristo Sandwich $11 Brunch @ Scion Silver Spring

Sunday Brunch Must Eat is a Monte Cristo Sandwich

Nothing beats french toast for Sunday brunch unless its layered with a whole lot of ham like this Monte Cristo Sandwich from Scion in Down Town Silver Spring, DC's suburb neighborhood. For all evils, there are two remedies, savory and sweet. It's a french toas...