Penne Curry Pasta $15 @ Il Fornaio San Francisco

Penne Curry Pasta $15 @ Il Fornaio San Francisco

We are uncovering the evil plot of secret menu items with this fantastic curry sauce pasta from an Italian restaurant on Levi Plaza in San Francisco. I feel like we are James Bond and uncovered something that is not supposed to exist. Foodie. Hungry Foodie! It...
Eggy Blat Sandwich $11 @ Parlor 1255 San Francisco

Time to Jam with Your Sandwich in San Francisco

Time to jam jam with nom nom jalapeño jam sandwich Eggy Blat from Parlor 1255, a unique sandwich shop while on our adventures in Levi Plaza, San Francisco. We stopped by what looks like an enjoyable place with sandwiches, salads, and smoothies. Fried egg on an...