Eurovision 2019

Eurovision 2019 Top 10 Picks. Bondage, Leather, & Bunny Ears

Its time for one of the most amazing and campy music competitions in the world, Eurovision 2019! Hard ot believe its already been a year since last competition. Last year we predicted that Israel represented by Netta with a song TOY would win. Each year the wi...
Eurovision 2018

Our Eurovision 2018 Top 10 Picks

It's time for one of the biggest music competitions in the world, the Eurovision 2018! We are happy to bring you our 10 top pics after watching all of their videos. Oh, that was a lot. If you never heard of this or never watched it before, then what is wrong! ...
Hump Adult Film Festival

I humped and liked it, Hump Ammature Porn Film Festival

Get excited! We are at a perfect place for getting excited, but just don't get too wet. Hump is a homemade porn film festival by Dan Savage that will make you laugh, cry, and expand your norms. The most unique and one of a kind multi-city festival we've ever a...