Spicy Tuna Poke Bowl @ Poke Poke Venice Beach California

Spicy Tuna Poke Bowl @ Poke Poke Venice Beach California

Lay on the beach and enjoy Spicy Tuna Poke Bowl from Poke Poke hole in the wall place in Venice Beach, a beachfront neighborhood in Los Angeles. Its literary a hole in the wall, window they serve food from, and probably one of the unique dishes we have ever ta...
Mango Chicken @ Rangoon Ruby San Carlos CA

Mango Chicken W Coconut Rice @ Rangoon Ruby San Carlos California

We are going all mango over mango with Mango Chicken from Rangoon Ruby, a Burmese restaurant in San Carlos, San Francisco hot lunch suburb. Mango is probably one of our most favorite fruits, especially when it's combined with other nomnom things like Chicken. ...
Rogan Josh Lamb Stew $16 @ Le Mirch Dupont Circle

Rogan Josh Lamb Stew $16 @ Le Mirch Dupont Circle

Three worlds of flavor come together in one dinner lamb stew dish from this unique Indian, Nepalese, and French fusion restaurant in Dupont Circle, DC's rainbow happy neighborhood. Get ready to try Indian cousin with a new twist to it. This is one strong dish ...
Chicken Crisp $12 @ Rangoon Ruby San Francisco

Chicken Crisp $12 @ Rangoon Ruby in San Francisco California

Chicken good, good Burmese chicken, is even better, especially in all that chili sauce from a Burmese restaurant in San Carlos, a San Francisco foodie suburb. Chicken is a great meat, and they made it even better. Crispy chicken deep fried and tossed with garl...
Top NOMs of 2014 Best Dishes, Food Destinations and Blogs
5.0Best Of

Top NOMs of 2014 All Our Favorite Food in DC and World

We are happy to announce our Top NOMs of 2014 list full of some of the best dishes we've consumed in Washington DC and around the world! Check out what made on our list of the best burgers, appetizers, bowls, breakfasts and more things we heart so much. XOXO ...
Sizzling Pork Sisig $15 @ Patio Filipino San Francisco

Sizzling Pork Sisig $15 @ Patio Filipino San Francisco

Its juicy fatness galore with this sizzling Filipino sisig dish from one of the best Filipino restaurants in San Bruno, a San Francisco suburb. Filipinos sure know how to make an excellent meat overload dish. It's so pretty! As soon as they brought out this si...
Blue Crab Fried Rice @ Doi Moi DC

Blue Crab Fried Rice $17 @ Doi Moi on U Street in Washington DC

Get crabbing family-style and share with friends this fried rice from unique Asian tapas and family-style fusion restaurant on U St, DC. This place has a very fluid identity with a mix of tapas and family-style dishes, enough to satisfy every craving you might...
Soy Ginger Salmon @ Union Jack's Rio

Soy Ginger Salmon $18 @ Union Jack’s Rio

I am diving into some nightlife seafood in Rio Gaithersburg in the DC metro area. If you want something on a lighter side dinner, than this salmon dish is for you. Nice and thick pan-seared salmon fillet with a sizable portion of coconut cilantro rice and aspa...
Meatballs Rice Bowl @ ShopHouse

Anything Goes with Build Your Own Bowl @ ShopHouse (CLOSED)

Its build your anything goes bowl with Meatballs Rice Bowl from ShopHouse a new lunch spot in Dupont Circle, DC. It's so fun creating your very own custom bowl, its all about what you put in it and how well it compliments other toppings. There are a lot of cho...
Malaysia Fried Rice from Malaysia Kopitiam? Dupont Circle DC

Malaysia Fried Rice @ Malaysia Kopitiam

You can fry me any time when it comes to this fantastic fried rice at a tasty Malaysian restaurant in DC. That is a pile of rice and a whole lot of other things. Lots are packed into this bowl. With the first bite, we just fell in love with this fried rice. Th...
Bulgogi Bibimbap @ Triple B Fresh

Bulgogi Bibimbap $10 @ Triple B Fresh

Let's go bulgogi all over our bibimbap! Excited to try a new Chipotle-style lunch place dedicated to making Bibimbap rice dish any way we want. Its build your bowl any way you want. You get a choice of classic or create your own. We are lazy today and going wi...
Maja Blanca from Abe Manila Philippines

Maja Blanca $2 @ Abe in Alabang Town Center Philippines

I am exploring some yummy rice-based Filipino pudding dessert Maja Balance from Abe, an upscale restaurant in Alabang Town Center, Philippines. White wobbly rice block! White ground rice cake cooked in sweet coconut crew for just $2 (90 Pesos). It's an excitin...