Bamboo Rice from Abe Manila Philippines

Bamboo Rice $6 @ Abe in Alabang Town Center Philippines

You haven't had rice until you tried this unique Filipino take with Bamboo Rice from Abe an upscale restaurant in Alabang Town Center, Manila suburb Philippines. Rice cooked inside a bamboo!!! Just getting some amazing nomnoms during our trip in Manila Philipp...
Bibim Bap from Muzette

Bibim Bap $12 @ Muzette Karaoke in Adams Morgan DC

Lets sing a song and eat some Korean food like Bibim Bap from Muzette Karaoke, an authentic Asian Karaoke place with some tasty food in Adams Morgan, DC. Its the multi layer of nomnom goodness. I just love the super runny sunny side up egg on top of veggies, b...
Bacon Fried Rice Tapas $7 @ MASA 14 on U st in DC

Bacon Fried Rice Tapas $7 @ MASA 14 on U Street in Washington DC

Unleash the Asian Fusion all your can tapas brunch with Bacon Fried Rice from Masa 14, a Latin - Asian fusion restaurant on U st, DC's foodie neighborhood. Its Kimchi rice topped with fried sunny side up egg and bacon. Oh yea you can never go wrong with this p...