Macho Nachos $13 @ El Vez Philadelphia

Macho Nachos $13 @ El Vez Philadelphia

It's the Lucha libremacho style appetizer the Macho Nachos from El Vez, an upscale Mexican restaurant in Market East, Philadelphia nightlife neighborhood. All I want to do is scream MACHOOO NACHOS! In nachos, its all about the meat and cheese, and these were t...
Smoked Wild Salmon $16 @ Nepenthe Big Sur CA

Smoked Wild Salmon $16 @ Nepenthe Big Sur California

Don't hang off the cliff and start your food adventure with Smoked Salmon from Nepenthe, an iconic restaurant with the best view of the pacific ocean on Route 1 in Big Sur California. Must stop for all the tourists who are taking the scenic Route 1 from San Fr...
Crispy Risotto Cake $9 @ Pig & FIsh Rehoboth

Crispy Risotto Cake $9 @ Pig & Fish Rehoboth (CLOSED)

You are overeating on some fantastic risotto at a restaurant by the masters of pig and fish while on an adventure in Rehoboth Delaware, the rainbow beach town. Right off the fork, you can see how beautiful this appetizer dish is. First, bite in, and we realize...
Chicken Momo Dumplings $7 @ Le Mirch Dupont Circle

Chicken Momo Dumplings $7 @ Le Mirch Dupont Circle

Its all about that sauce on your fusion adventure with Nepalese dumplings appetizers from this unique Indian, Nepalese and French fusion restaurant in Dupont Circle, DC's rainbow happy neighborhood. It is exciting to try our very first traditional Nepalese fas...
Salt & Pepper Calamari $11 @ Rangoon Ruby San Francisco

Salt & Pepper Calamari $11 @ Rangoon Ruby San Francisco

Little loud circles of crispy calamari appetizers with some Samosas for lunch from a Burmese restaurant in San Carlos, a San Francisco foodie suburb. Just something about crispy food texture that is always better than the standard stuff. Great starter dish for...
Paratha Crispy Pancake @ Mingalaba San Francisco

Paratha Crispy Pancake @ Mingalaba San Francisco

Its all about that crisp, about that crisp, about that crispy crisp with Burmese crispy pancake from a tasty Burmese restaurant in Burlingame, a San Francisco suburb. What a great way to start your Burmese foodie adventure for a novice or an experienced eater....
Grilled Pork Belly @ Doi Moi DC

Grilled Pork Belly $13 @ Doi Moi on U Street in Washington DC

Get your belly filled with nomnom pork dinner at this unique tapas and family-style fusion restaurant on U Street, DC. This place has a very fluid identity with a mix of tapas and family-style dishes, enough to satisfy every craving you might have. Love this t...
Bleu Cheese Croquettes Appetizer @ Scion Silver Spring

Blue Cheese Croquettes Appetizer @ Scion Silver Spring

Fried goodness appetizer for lunch at one of our favorite Silver Spring restaurants, DC suburb. It's like eating potato pancakes on steroids, so much nomnom awesomeness going on inside. Unlike most croquettes we come to enjoy, these are not small. Two huge fri...
Creamed Spinach @ Ruth's Chris Bethesda

Creamed Spinach Dip @ Ruth’s Chris Bethesda

You are dipping into some nomnom starter dip at one of the best steak houses in DC area. My kind of thing, thick and creamy way to start your dinner. You get so much that there is plenty to share with friends. Also goes great on top of some grilled chicken and...
Fingerling Potatoes @ Ruth's Chris Bethesda

Fingerling Potatoes @ Ruth’s Chris Bethesda

Diving into one of the best potatoes dishes during our dinner at this amazing steakhouse in Bethesda, DC suburbs. Finger licking good!!! This is one of our most favorite dishes from the dinner. It combines everything we love thick potatoes slices, the whole to...
Latkes @ Parkway Deli

Latkes @ Parkway Deli in Silver Spring

About to dive into some of the best Jewish latkes dinners in Silver Spring, DC suburb foodie neighborhood. A lot more deep-fried then what I'm used to. Mhhh deep-frying always makes everything better. Something about combining the sweet apple pure with these p...
Mini Trio from Matchbox Restaurants? (5:5 NOMs) 3

Mini Trio Appetizer $18 @ Matchbox in Rockville

Why not have it all with these three types of meat appetizer to start your dinner in Rockville, DC, suburb. Sometimes you have to go for all three on a plate. You get the two of seared pan scallops, mini crab cakes, and mini burgers. Each one is even more amaz...