Steak, Sushi or Tacos? Eat Them All at Earls in Tyson’s Corner

Why settle on one type of dish when you can have steak, sushi, and tacos all in one meal? You can find all three at Earls Restaurant, a new unique American, Latin and Japanese restaurant in Tyson Corner in the suburbs of Washington D.C. Sometimes we just can...
Teriyaki Skirt Steak $29 @ Town Restaurant in San Carlos California

Teriyaki Skirt Steak $29 @ Town Restaurant in San Carlos California

Enjoy the late-night dinner with East meets West in Teriyaki Skirt Steak from Town Restaurant in Down Town San Carlos, California Bay Area. The dish with the most fusion take that brings together the best of Asian and American culinary worlds fused to create a...
Oak Smoked Prime Rib Steak $32 @ Harris Ranch Selma California

Its Godzilla Size Steak! @ Harris Ranch

It's Godzilla! Oh, wait for its just a massive Oak Smoked Prime Rib Steak from the meat masters of Harris Ranch in Selma, California. It's a place that specializes in all things beef where they grow their cows so you can't pass up a steak. It's so fresh you ca...
Hanger Steak @ Sligo Cafe Silver Spring

Don’t Hang It @ Sligo Cafe in Silver Spring (CLOSED)

Don't hang your butcher's steak, the hanger steak from the menu of a brand new American New cuisine restaurant in Silver Spring, DC's city like a suburb. Hanger steak is also known as Butcher's Steak that suppose to the most desired piece of meat. So the expec...
Chef's Selected Trio @ Ruth's Chris Bethesda

Chef’s Selected Trio @ Ruth’s Chris Bethesda

Exploring all meat dinner options at one of the best steakhouses in Bethesda, DC suburb neighborhood. Continuing our pre steak noming with succulent shrimp, jumbo scallop, and stuffed chicken. It might be getting a bit hard to save up space before the steak. T...
Philly Steak Omelete @ Silver Diner Rockville

Philly Steak Omelete $13 @ Silver Diner Rockville

Breakfast is always great for dinner at this premier diner chain in Rockville, DC, suburb neighborhood. Its a fun omelete with a unique upscale healthy kind of touch to it. Say hello to one of our favorite omelet in the area. We love omelets, and it's one of o...
Prime Rib Dip Sandwich $17 @ Founding Farmers in Potomac, Maryland

Prime Rib Dip Sandwich $17 @ Founding Farmers in Potomac, Maryland

Get dipping at lunch with Prime Rib Dip Sandwich from Founding Farmers, New American restaurant in Potomac, DC's fancy suburb. Mhhh dipping good! Get ready for one massive sandwich with a thick layer of meaty goodness of prime rib Very soft and tender and enha...
Filet Steak $41@ Ruth's Chris Tyson

Filet Steak $41 @ Ruth’s Chris Tyson

Say hello meaty heaven when you eat a fantastic Fillet Steak from the world-famous Ruth's Chris Steak House in Tyson, DC's suburbs. Steak is not something I order on a regular bases, but when you go to Ruth's Chris, you have to. This was simply amazing! Every ...