Sushi Spread from Sushi Zushi

Tasting San Antonio’s Sushi Spread @ Sushi Zushi

Eat big or go zushing. One of the most recommended sushi places in San Antonio and so we just had to test it out. It was so good we discovered a sushi face of joy. We went with as much as we could foodily possible to eat from their giant menu. Everything tasted so good and fresh combined with amazing sauces. These sushi rolls are more on the pricy side, around $10+, but their high quality makes it all worth it. This is a must-try place on your trip.

Godzilla Roll $12

It kind of looks like Godzilla or lizard kind of a thing. I love all the thick, soft avocado on top with crunchy fried crawfish and cream cheese. It comes with sriracha sauce on top for that extra Godzilla kick.

LIR Roll $12

It’s double the spicy with spicy tuna and sweet, spicy sauce. Great flavor combination. Avocado offsets all the spicy toppings very well and makes for a delightful roll.

Spy Roll $13

They do love avocado in their rolls. Another great sushi roll with a good spicy kick to it. That combined with avocado made for a great flavor combination Comes with spicy scallops, avocado, salmon, escolar, and spicy sauce.

Cosimo Roll

$14 Excellent order! With fried shrimp, avocado & cream cheese rolled uramaki with tempura fish topped with Tampa Bay sauce, eel sauce, and sprinkled with furikake seasoning.