Taste the World at Fenton Village

Tasting the World in One day at Taste of Fenton Village

Take a trip around the world of nomnoms in one day with Taste of Fenton Village event in Silver Spring, one of our favorite suburbs of DC. Very fun annual food crawl at some of the best local family owned restaurants. It was great to enjoy so many dishes from different cuisine like Thai, Greek, Ethiopian, French Italian and so much more. We got to try dishes form a few of our favorites and explore some new additions to the area. Not sure if it was there last year, but we were totally in love with several music bands around the area. Add such a fun atmosphere to the event and area. Here are some of our favorite dishes from the event.

Baklava @ Big Greek Cafe (5 NOMs)

Its like kissing a greek god when you are eating Baklava a greek dessert from Big Greek cafe, our favorite gyro place. Who said you can’t eat dessert first? Especially when its a honey nut goodness like this. This would make any fan of overly sweet things just fall in love with every bite. Crunchy layers on top with gooney honey and nut layer at the bottom. Its always great to enjoy a nice sweet bottom ;). Its so sweet that eating the whole thing might just give you sugar overload, so its perfect to share with friends. Though we are sugar junkies and would easily eat this whole thing up. What is even more exciting is that they now get even more great desserts from New York that we just can’t wait to try.


Gyro @ Big Greek Cafe (5 NOMs)

ITS GYYYYRO TIME!! Get excited, because we are at one of our most favorite gyro places in town. Every gyro here is a pure joy. You can just taste the high quality of meat. If you are given a food taste you can always tell Big Greek Cafe apart. So unique and flavorful, there is no place that can match this. Nice a big portion too, one of the only places during the event that had full size portions. Can’t beat $5 price for a gyro that is so big and juicy. Plus you can get it for such a low price every Wednesday.

www.biggreekcafe.com / Facebook / Twitter / Yelp
8223 Georgia Ave Silver Spring, MD 20910


Cheese Pizza @ Pacci’s (3 NOMs)

We are going all cheese with a Cheese Pizza from Pacci’s a Neapolitan pizza place on Georgia Ave. This personal pizza is all about the thin crust and whole lots of cheese. Normally I’m not big fans of red sauce, but with so much cheese it made us a happy nomster. Pretty light pizza so we didn’t feel the need to take a nap.

www.paccispizzeria.com / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Yelp
8113 Georgia Ave Silver Spring, MD 20910


Massaman Curry @ Ruang Khao Thai (3 NOMs)

Mhh curry chicken goodness at one of the local Silver Spring Thai places. Loved how light this dish was so we had plenty of space to enjoy even more nom noms during the event.

Facebook / Yelp
939 Bonifant St Silver Spring, MD 20910


Bubble Thai Tea & Ruby Balls on Ice @ Ruang Khao Thai (4 NOMs)

Lets get bubbly with some balls!!! Enjoying a tasty drink like Bubble Thai Tea and Ruby Balls dessert. Ah both looked so good as we walked in so we couldn’t just order one dessert and went for two. After all you can never have enough sweet things in your life. This was a great combination between Thai Ice Tea and Bubble Tea. So much sweetness and goodness. Ruby Balls, now thats the dessert we would order just by the name alone.


Nutella Crepe @ Fenton Cafe (4 NOMs)

The only way to end an even is with some super sweetness like this Nutella Crepe from our favorite local crepe place. It was great to see their space after the expansion, so much more seating and tables. This place gets very busy and popular in the mornings.

Facebook / Yelp
8311 Fenton St Silver Spring, MD 20910