Teriyaki Steak Burrito from Boloco

East Meets West with Teriyaki Steak Burrito @ Boloco Bethesda (CLOSED)

I make my burritos all Asian with this brand new player in town Boloco with their Teriyaki Steak Burrito at their brand new Bethesda location. Welcome to a new burrito place in the DC area. Always exciting to try new nom nom. With so many different choices, I decided to try the Asian flavor of the burrito. Dam, that is one good rice in there! I love the delicious mix of sweet Teriyaki sauce, caramelized onions, broccoli, carrots, and brown rice. The flavor was so strong and sweet, was like a party in my mouth. Sadly I think that is the only thing I tasted, and it completely overpowered the steak. Maybe more meat next time? With so many different burrito choices, I have to come back and try more. Expect another review soon.