Wrap up your chicken for tapas lunch with Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps from Continental Martini Bar in Old Town, Philadelphia. This was one of our favorite dishes from the road trip from DC to Philly. It makes your own bites kind of a meal with lettuce instead of bread or tortilla. Does that mean it’s a lot healthier? We would like to believe so, plus it tasted so much better. With nice and light lettuce wrap you can enjoy all the flavors of Thai chicken and veggie mix. It was a fun dish where you make your own wrap and add as much sauce as you want. The dish comes with a spicy sauce so you can add a nice kick to it. Though you don’t really need the sauce since everything is seasoned so well and full of flavor and soft texture. The portion is very large compared to what you would expect at a tapas place, so this defiantly worth sharing with a few friends.

The thing about this dish is that it took 30 minutes apart from the dish before. When we asked the waitress when our last dish was coming we got a bit of attitude and said that the dish will get to us when it gets done. Luckily the manager came out to us and this dish was free. When it comes to bad service, always good when the restaurant realizes their mistake, apologizes and make up for it. Hence it has all the NOMs and review is not as grumpy as it could have been.

Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps Tapas $13 @ Continental in Philadelphia
5.0NOM Score

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