Tom Nevers @ Jetties Bethesda

Tom Nevers Sandwich $12 @ Jetties in Bethesda Maryland

Its noming lunchtime at one of the best sandwich shops in Bethesda, DC foodie neighborhood. Forget one or two meats and go for three in this one giant all meat sandwich. Just the fact there is so much meat in there made this one of our favorite sandwiches that we order several times a month. Can’t say no to meat in our mouth. Mhhh its a perfect meaty combination of crunchy bacon, lean roasted turkey and softly shaved ham. Did we mention there is a lot of meat in there? Perfect for our crazy hungry meat cravings that day. Big fan of the lightly toasted sourdough, it held everything together with a nice bready flavor. Might require you to put those big mouth skills to work to bite that whole thing. That’s a lot of food in there and you can easily save half a sandwich for the next day. Might be a bit of a battle between your taste buds and a full tummy. So good that it might be hard to stop. Even though there are so many nomnom things in there, the sandwich is very light and doesn’t give you food coma. Makes for a perfect lunch or dinner noming