Vanilla Sorbet Dessert for Dinner @ Co Co Sala Penn Quarter DC

Vanilla Sorbet Dessert for Dinner @ Co Co Sala in Penn Quarter DC

Dive into a cloud dessert Vanilla Sorbet Dessert from our favorite date night spot Co Co Sala restaurant in Penn Quarter, DC’s late-night neighborhood. This is one of our most favorite restaurants in the DC area and also favorite date spot. As part of a fun dessert dinner special, we were excited to try this little ball of dessert goodness. First, bite in, and you are just blown away by how soft and light it is. This sorbet is literary like eating a tiny ball of a cloud. Great way to add some refreshment into your mouth with this light texture cold dessert. A perfect little bite to enjoy before even bigger dessert is on its way. Not too sweet, and yet with so much flavor and texture, it was a perfect dessert to enjoy with some of their fantastic mix drinks. Plus, when you have a five-course dessert for dinner, you want something light like this sorbet. Too small to order by itself, so really, it should be part of your array of desserts.