Vegan Bacon Burger from Farmers Fishers Backers

Vegan Bacon Burger $12 @ Farmers Fishers Bakers

All hail the king! I think this should be renamed as King Vegan Bacon Burger! I was so surprised by the sheer size of this. Most meatless burgers are very slime and unimpressive. Got to fill up this meat lover! This redefined everything we know about fake meat and wins over any other meatless dishes. It wan’t just a boring bland mix I find in most other places, but full of different flavors. Love the louie sauce, mustard and lemon mesclun salad mix. I was excited to try the fake bacon, since I’ve never had it before, but it just got completely overpowered by Vegan Patty. I’m not surprised nor disappointed by this hence it didn’t loose a point. So far in my opinion its the best Vegan/Vegetarian burger in town, sorry best Vegan King Burger in town.