Smoked Salmon Croissant Brunch (Tartina al Samone) @ Lupo Verde on U Street in Washington DC

When Egg Lover Can’t Contain the Excitement for Brunch @ Lupo Verde

I want what she is having! Us crazy egg lovers can’t contain our excitement the Smoked Salmon Croissant we had at brunch from Lupo Verde, a modern Italian restaurant on U Street in Washington DC. We were thrilled to come back to one of our favorite spots in the District, and by total chance, tried something super nomnom. We almost settled on another dish until I saw this on another table, but couldn’t find it on the menu. You know how much we love our eggs, EGGGSSSSSSS!! Hint, the menu doesn’t say this dish comes with a croissant. Good thing waiter quickly pointed us to the right dish. The actual name of the dish is Tartina al Samone, but they took the standard dish to a whole new level at their Saturday brunch. The smoked salmon was simply divine, every bite just made me dance in my seat from joy. Combined with a fluffy soft poached egg on top, it added that egg yolk flavor that we love so much. This dish would make any egg brunch lover very happy. The cream cheese added a nice soft texture and flavor but still allowed the rest of the flavors come through. Every bite was so good that we had to slow down and savor it for longer.

This is an amazing dish like that should really get 6 NOMs, our absolute highest rating that would guarantee it spot on Top NOMs of the Year. So why didn’t it get this score? Well, the avocado tasted a bit hard. Not a big deal, we still absolutely loved everything else. I thought the price was pretty good for $13 since you get a very good dish that will fill up even this very hungry nomster. Even not with the best avocado, this was still one of our favorite dishes in recent months. We are absolutely ordering this again on our next visit or forcing a friend to get it so we can have some.

1401 T St. NW Washington, DC 20009
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